Staff Picks: Share a Coffee with Mom

Staff Picks: Share a Coffee with Mom

Mother's Day gifts from us to you.
by Team Trade | April 30, 2021

Whether or not you can be together this year, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to share a coffee with a mom in your life. Ranging from chocolaty to roasty (and even a little funky!), you can’t go wrong with our team’s picks!

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“This past year, I’ve been incredibly impressed by my sister who has been mothering two kids under three during COVID. I know it hasn’t been a walk in the park. This coffee is for those mornings where we just need to sit back, take a sip of coffee, and hold fast.”

Stay Golden Hold Fast ($14.75)

— Philip Wood, Coffee Guide

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“Two years ago I was able to take a trip to Poland (where I was born) with my parents, and I dragged them to like a dozen specialty coffee shops. My favorite moment from those visits was ordering a naturally processed coffee for my parents for the first time ever, and both of them reacting super-positively. This natural Burundi from Gimme! is pretty similar to that coffee, and I might just send a bag to my mom as soon as I finish writing this sentence.”

Gimme! Burundi Turihamwe ($22)

— Maciej Kasperowicz, Director of Coffee

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“My sister’s best friend is pregnant with her first child and I am so excited to be an 'aunt' for the first time! She loves coffee almost as much as I do, and I can only imagine how much coffee a new mom needs with a baby. This coffee from Alma is great any time of the day — even three am when you’re feeding a newborn.”

Alma Essence ($16)

— Amanda Abene, Coffee Guide

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“Jen Apodaca of Mother Tongue is an awesome mom and genius coffee roaster. I couldn't think of a better coffee to send to my own mom for Mother's Day — and I love that it tastes exactly like chocolate and flowers.”

Mother Tongue Mugshots ($19)

— Kayla Baird, Coffee Guide

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"This happens to be my mom's first and, so far, favorite coffee from Trade. I found out she was actually saving her first bag for days she deemed special enough — which is just no good. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not hoarded. Once I found that out, I've been sending her a bag every other week. Now it's something she looks forward to and reminds us both to stop being so 'busy' and call each other and catch up."

Necessary Colombia ($14.75)

— Itzel Dominguez, Coffee Guide

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