Staff Picks: on the Road Again

Staff Picks: on the Road Again

Coffees that taste like a road trip.
by Itzel Dominguez | January 20, 2021

Hopping in your car isn’t the only way to road trip. As this week’s Staff Picks proves, you can (virtually) tour the US any time you’d like through our roasters’ local coffees.

"This past year I finally bought my first car and thought it’d be road trips all throughout. I’ve always travelled by car growing up, or by 18-wheeler in some cases, such is the life of a truck driver’s daughter. By the way, road trips in an 18-wheeler that has a bunk bed and net to catch you from falling to the floor are amazing!

However, 2020 forced us all to adapt or scrap our plans altogether. So here’s a list of coffees from some of the roasters that I can’t wait to visit in person once things go back to some semblance of normal!"

gimme las penitas

"This coffee sounds like something I’d make as a cold brew, pop it into my canteen, and enjoy while on an easy hike around Upstate New York."

Gimme!'s Honduras Las Peñita ($18)

Metric Big Riff Coffee

"Chicago is supposedly chilly and windy, right? Our Director of Coffee is probably reading this and just thinking ‘Is that all she knows?’ Yes. Yes, it is. So I’m thinking Big Riff would make a great hot coffee to keep me company while I wander the city that I almost went to college in."

Metric's Big Riff ($17)

Methodical Belly Warmer coffee

"I have some family around these parts of the South, that I haven’t seen in a while and would love to visit. The Belly Warmer is something we'd all enjoy a cup of together, while catching up on the family chisme."

Methodical's Belly Warmer ($16)

Red Bay Brazilian Cake Lady coffee

"I have not yet stepped foot on the West Coast, but it’s absolutely going to happen once things are safe again! Red Bay's Brazilian Cake Lady is something I’ve been meaning to try as espresso for some time now, but imagine it would taste even better on location."

Red Bay's Brazilian Cake Lady ($19)

Huck Mazateca coffee

"I couldn’t go recommending some coffees without mentioning Huckleberry and without a Mexican single origin, so por que no los dos!? While I haven't been to Colorado, I’ve had family go there for some amazing hikes and would love to see what they saw for myself!"

Huckleberry Mexico Mazateca ($20)

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