Staff Picks: Hot & Cold

Staff Picks: Hot & Cold

These coffees taste great, however you take them.
by Paul Ross | July 28, 2020

Ask any member of Team Trade for their brew method and you may not get just one answer. Case in point, Coffee Guide Paul shares his favorites for both hot coffee and cold brew in this week’s Staff Picks.

“It might not be a normal summer, but that's not going to stop me from enjoying my favorite part of the season: coffees packed with summer flavors — no matter how I’m brewing that day. Whether it's French press or brewed over ice, here are some coffees I've loved so far this summer.”

irving farm

"This coffee was the first shot of espresso I ever loved and the combination of syrupy cherry and rich chocolate mean that it's still one of my favorites, especially as cold brew."

Irving Farm Blackstrap ($14.75)


"It's hard to imagine anything that screams 'summer' more than strawberry lemonade and this coffee really delivers on that flavor note. Add in a creamy body and some funky tropical flavors and this Ugandan coffee is a real winner."

Panther Gorilla Summit ($18)


"Sour cherries are my all-time favorite fruit. While their season is super-short, this delicious coffee has the perfect blend of tart and sweet to bring them to mind. It makes me feel like I'm stretching sour cherry season out a few more weeks."

Huckleberry Nicaragua Entre Rios ($21)

metric decaf

"My afternoon go to! If you you're looking for a delicious coffee without the zing, this is a great choice."

Metric Decaf Huila Colombia ($18)

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