The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

This week brings an exciting array of African coffees.
by Team Trade | March 04, 2019

Each week, Trade’s resident coffee experts taste a wide variety of new and seasonal coffees arriving fresh to our office. The cupping is our QC Team Kayla Baird and Maciej Kasperowicz’s chance to asses the flavors of each roast to guarantee each one you try is a perfect match (or at the very least, tastes as you’d expect!).

This Monday's Fresh List brings a taste of summer with it. Wintertime isn’t typically when we see new African coffees hit our roaster’s menus, so when they do, we take notice! Delicious roasts from Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Kenya all landed on our QC table, each with its own unique flavors. A bit of bright fruitiness is exactly the thing we need to bust through those winter blues.

See all the great coffees ready for your counter in this week’s roundup!

A sweet, delicate cup with slightly savory and cinnamon flavors.

Tandem Burundi Yandaro ($18)

A silky body and fruity sweetness combined with chocolate.

DOMA Ethiopia Gedeb Organic ($18.65)

A whole lot of honey and ripe plum sweetness.

Revelator Rwanda Remera ($15)

“Tastes like a trip down the candy aisle!”

Maciej Kasperowicz

A Kenyan gem with citrus and floral notes.

Verve Kenya Giakanja ($21)

A fresh citrus and delicious raw honey stunner.

Kuma Kenya Kagumoini ($18)

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