The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

This week brings with it a few coffee firsts and one so good it might change your life!
by Team Trade | March 18, 2019

Each week, Trade’s resident coffee experts taste a wide variety of new and seasonal coffees arriving fresh to our office. The cupping is our QC Team Kayla Baird and Maciej Kasperowicz’s chance to asses the flavors of each roast to guarantee each one you try is a perfect match (or at the very least, tastes as you’d expect!).

This Monday's Fresh List brings a mixed bag of, well, bags. We start with three superlatives: a first from an established growing region, a standout from a growing growing region, and a coffee so good it might change your life too. For those looking for the comfort of familiarity, there are two noteworthy chocolaty roasts. Go wild or play it deliciously safe, the choice is yours!

See all the great coffees ready for your counter in this week’s roundup!

Our very first coffee from Thailand (and it’s a natural, too)! This one has an incredibly specific and super-unique note of pistachio ice cream.

Equator Thailand Doi Pangkhon Natural ($19.50)

We love seeing roasters support emerging markets. This bag captures all the cool and unique flavors of East Timur.

Huckleberry East Timor Renumata ($17)

One of the most famous farms in the coffee world reminds us exactly why that's so with a coffee that "changed the life" of our Director of Product. This bag is worth every single penny.

Passenger Hacienda La Esmeralda 2018 Dry Processed ($60)

A magical, sippable chocolaty full-bodied coffee that casts a spell with a jolt of lemon acidity.

Verve Honduras El Brujo ($20.75)

A velvety body and comforting notes of pecan and cocoa make us want to wrap ourselves in this coffee like a blanket.

Augie's Happy Medium ($16)

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