Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

Coffees bursting with navel orange, plum, and the actual fruit it came from.
by Team Trade | April 01, 2019

Each week, Trade’s resident coffee experts taste a wide variety of new and seasonal coffees arriving fresh to our office. The cupping is our QC Team Kayla Baird and Maciej Kasperowicz’s chance to asses the flavors of each roast to guarantee each one you try is a perfect match (or at the very least, tastes as you’d expect!).

This Monday brings with it spring's bounty. These fruit-forward coffees are bursting with flavors of ripe navel orange, plum, lime acidity, and one coffee that actually tastes like the fruit that it came from.

See all the great coffees ready for your counter in this week’s roundup!

A nutty, chocolaty sweetness shines when brewed as filter coffee, with a secret berry kick of acidity that'll put your morning espresso over the edge.

Ritual Sweet Tooth Bami ($20.50)

You've heard that coffee is the seed of a fruit? This is the rare coffee that tastes like that actual fruit, with ripe tropical notes and jammy pepper flavors for an experience that's as unique as it is delicious.

Kickapoo Colombia Sungo Loma Honey Process ($18)

Bold and full-bodied with prominent notes of ripe navel orange and sweet, smooth molasses. This coffee would do just as well as an espresso as it does as a filter coffee.

Merit Dimaly, Peru ($17)

Nutty and spicy flavors abound in this pecan pie of a coffee. Some gentle plum notes help round out the flavor for a super-approachable cup.

Blueprint Aprocassi ($17.50)

Soft lime acidity meets bold caramel sweetness, with lingering notes of pine that make us feel like Christmas came early.

Parlor Colombia El Palacio ($16)

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