The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

The Fresh List: 5 Coffees to Try This Week

Spring is definitely in the air.
by Team Trade | April 15, 2019

Each week, Trade’s resident coffee experts taste a wide variety of new and seasonal coffees arriving fresh to our office. The cupping is our QC Team Kayla Baird and Maciej Kasperowicz’s chance to asses the flavors of each roast to guarantee each one you try is a perfect match (or at the very least, tastes as you’d expect!).

Spring has sprung in our mugs — even if it doesn't always feel that way outside. Celebrate the season with the watermelon, citrus, and cherry candy notes that made these five new-in coffees team standouts.

See all the great coffee ready for your counter in this week’s roundup!

Bright and sweet as an April morning, this coffee features a chocolaty sweetness balanced by a fruity acidity.

ReAnimator Spring Blend ($19)

Sweet and fruity as a bowl of hard candies, this light-bodied coffee highlights notes of lemon, plum, and watermelon, and is super fun to drink.

Kuma Bokasso ($18)

Big-time berry notes and tart citrus kick off this fruity, balanced cup, followed by a mellowing honey sweetness that lingers.

Atomic Colombia Narino Excelso ($16.50)

With a gentle tea-like body this coffee reminds us of cherry candy, vanilla, and drizzle of caramel. A coffee for slow sipping and daydreams.

Tandem Reina Huaman Silva ($17)

Soft and tea-like, with gentle fruit and floral notes (think lychee and orange blossom) that remind us of an early spring day.

Panther Ethiopia Hambela Wamena ($21)

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