Staff Picks: the Language of Love

Staff Picks: the Language of Love

These coffees are speaking to us.
by Team Trade | February 02, 2021

Love is in the air — and by that, we mean coffee. We’re letting you in on the coffees our team can’t wait to share with someone special (near and far) this Valentine’s Day.

novo chicho gallo

"I think decent advice for Valentine’s Day is to treat whoever you’re celebrating with as well as possible, and that probably goes double if you’re celebrating by yourself. So I’d recommend just grabbing one of the most special and unique coffees you can think of, and this incredibly aromatic honey-processed coffee, grown in Panama from Ethiopian varieties, fits that bill for me." — Maciej Kasperowicz, Director of Coffee

Novo Chicho Gallo($32.95)

ReAnimator Kensington Blend

“This year has been a learning lesson on how to spend time with loved ones from afar, especially my grandmother. We always spend time drinking coffee together, but that hasn’t been possible. She loves a classic smooth coffee. I’m planning to send her and myself ReAnimator's Kensington Blend and sipping it together via FaceTime. I’m excited to recreate our usual time together virtually." — Amanda Abene, Coffee Guide

ReAnimator Kensington Blend ($16.50)

Bird Rock Little Italy Blend

"Five (or six - does 'San Diego' count as one word or two?) words to describe my favorite coffee: consistent, comforting, reliable, from San Diego. Five words to describe my husband: consistent, comforting, reliable, from San Diego. Coincidence? Nah." — Rachel Kim, Coffee Guide

Bird Rock Little Italy Blend ($15.99)

Panther East Coast Espresso

"They same home is where the heart is, and mine will always be on the East Coast. Whether it comes in the form of a pour over at home in snowy New England, or as an in-store espresso shot in sunny South Florida, this versatile signature roast never fails to make me smitten (the flavor notes reminiscent of Valentine’s Day truffles certainly help.)" — Peter Lacerenza, Social Media Manager

Panther East Coast Espresso ($16)

Methodical Ixlama

"The floral packaging alone is romantic, not to mention a sweet and chocolaty taste. All the elements that you want for the day of love are in this bag."

— Christine Wong, Product Designer Methodical Guatemala Ixlama ($16)

Huck Ethiopia Mustefa Natural

"Tastes like chocolate covered strawberries."

— Itzel Dominguez, Coffee Guide

Huckleberry Ethiopia Mustefa Natural ($21)

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