Eye Candy Coffee Gifts

Eye Candy Coffee Gifts

They look as good as they work.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 28, 2020

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder with these aesthetic gifts that are functional too.

01 Chemex

There’s only one pour over device in the Museum of Modern Art, and it’s this beauty. And don’t worry, it’s not just a pretty face, it also makes coffee right up there with any other coffee brewer.

Chemex ($42)

02 mociun

Does coffee taste better out of something pretty? Actually maybe? These beautiful mugs from Brooklyn’s Recreation Center will make any coffee table look just that much cooler.

Recreation Center Shapes Mug ($48)

03 Moccamaster

A very beautiful automatic drip brewer available in a variety of colors that brews delicious coffee? Wild! This Dutch masterwork celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, and its design and quality have proved timeless.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBT ($309)

04 Standart

Maybe outside of your favorite latte artists, no one focuses on the intersection of coffee and aesthetic beauty like the folks at Standart, whose magazine features writing, photography, and art from throughout the coffee world.

Standart Magazine Subscription ($20 to $79)

05 Cafe Imports

We Now Interrupt This Story

These posters by the Minnesota-based importer are beautifully designed and extremely educational. Learn about the world’s coffee-growing regions, coffee varieties, or the world coffee harvest calendar.

Cafe Imports Specialty Coffee Posters ($15 each)

Whether for actually cupping coffee, stirring coffee to cool it, or you just want some dope silverware, these super-cool-looking spoons (available on Goth Black, Rosé, and God) are a terrific gift.

Umeshiso Cupping Spoons ($6)

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