City Guide: What to Do in Austin

City Guide: What to Do in Austin

Weird is just the beginning.
by Micaela Cantu | September 28, 2020

The Austin community is everything to Greater Goods. Without it, we wouldn’t exist! The people of Austin sustain us just as much as we sustain their caffeine needs. We take pride in playing a role in the eclectic and growing Austin community. With so many faces in this city, it gets easy to just become numb to those around you.

Greater Goods aims to keep the Austin experience alive and well with our top-notch coffee and awesome and friendly staff. In order to sustain the community around you, you’ve got to be present and understand your neighbor. This is where our sustainability practices and charitable mission stems from. We’ve got to help each other grow! Because at the end of the day, we’re all just trying our best… and also trying to keep Austin weird. Join me and I’ll take you into my musts and go-to spots as an Austinite!

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