City Guide: What to Do in Chicago

City Guide: What to Do in Chicago

From farm-to-table dining to some good ol' honky-tonk (you read that right!), this guide has you covered.
by Casey Chartier, Educator at Metric Coffee | February 11, 2020

_When you're planning a trip to a new city, our best advice is to ask a local. So for our City Guides, we went to the source — our roasters. We're turning to the people who know (and love) their cities best for a tour of the unexpected, hidden-gem, must-see stops from the locals who live there. _

Next stop, Chicago. Home of the Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, The Magnificent Mile, the Museum of Science and Industry, and Metric Coffee. The Windy City plays an important role for this local roaster. "Coffee is handled for over six years at origin with producers before it is handed to us and ultimately to you, the drinker," Metric tells us.

"That's special. Here in Chicago, we want to act as the mouthpiece for these farmers and share what goes into producing radiant coffees. We love educating and telling the stories, because we are proud."

Metric certainly holds up their end of that promise, "We make connections throughout Chicagoland and learn from our various partners in an array of different environments. The experience is enriching and inspires us to be curious and caring. We couldn't do it without you, Chicago!"

While Metric has you covered on coffee, Educator Casey Chartier is happy to let you in on all the other food, drink, and fun this city has to offer. Check out this local's guide on what to do in Chicago; filled with all the farm-to-table restaurants, retro cocktails, best views of Lake Michigan, and honky-tonk (you read that right!) you can hope to enjoy on your next visit.

Note: Always remember to check each business's current hours of operation before heading out, as they may have changed!

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