City Guide: What to Do in Nashville

City Guide: What to Do in Nashville

Music City has way more than just great tunes.
by Lee Sill | November 24, 2020

Nashville is a city full of creative energy, situated within beautiful middle Tennessee and its bounty of rivers, lakes, mountains, and trails. Nashville can be whatever you want it to be.

You want to do the country music thing and visit every honky tonk on Broadway, you can fill all your time with that. If you want to hit up museums, visual arts galleries, and exhibits, we got you. If you want to coffee crawl your way through the city, you will be caffeinated for days. Are urban distilleries, breweries, and cocktail bars your thing? Check! Do you want to visit dozens of restaurants opened by James Beard Award-nominated chefs? You better plan for a long stay. And of course if you want to experience live music, you won’t be left without plenty of options every night of the week. Nashville is a city that is full of talented and creative people that offers something for everyone. Follow our Nashville itinerary for a guided tour of this magical city!

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