City Guide: What to Do in Seattle

City Guide: What to Do in Seattle

When it rains, it pours with great things to do.
by Scott Baldwin | March 02, 2021

Seattle is a close-knit community tucked between two mountain ranges, luscious evergreen forests, and both salt and fresh waterways. Being famous for our coffee, Grunge Music, Greys Anatomy, Space Needle, and Pike Place Farmers Market, Seattle has a robust hospitality industry that helps support our growing tech industries that some of you may have heard of… Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Google, and so many more.

Community in Seattle is of the upmost importance to Caffe Vita since we have been roasting and serving our passion to the city for 26 years this year. Being in a major city that is relatively small in population, we have some of the most amazing restaurants and attractions in the country, which made it that much more difficult for me to create this list.

If you plan to take my advice, I encourage you to make your trip to Seattle between late July and September. Our waterfront restaurants, beaches, and sunsets with a stunning backdrop of Mount Rainier will leave you speechless. But, don’t move here… It rains here all the time.

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