Welcome to Passionfruit Paradise

Welcome to Passionfruit Paradise

This week's Best of Trade coffee is a story of passion, both literally and figuratively.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | August 16, 2023

Felipe and Carlos Arcila grew up with coffee. Their father Jairo is a third generation farmer from the Quindio region of Colombia and has years of experience in both growing and processing. But they weren’t expecting to go into the family business until, while studying abroad, they fell in love with specialty coffee.

Copy of Jairo Arcila - Buenos Aires Jairo Arcila at Jardines del Eden

Now they run the exporter Cofinet, the mill La Pradera, and several farms, including their father’s and the origin of this lot: Jardines del Eden. They combine decades of family knowledge with new varieties and experimental fermentation techniques to produce some amazing coffees.

Felipe Arcila Jardines del Eden (4) (1) Felipe Arcila among the picturesque hills of Jardines del Eden

They fermented this lot of Caturra variety coffee in an anaerobic environment with wine yeast and passion fruit pulp. They then de-pulped it and dried it as a honey process (wait, what?) with some of that passion fruit pulp mixed in with the beans on the drying bed.

The result is a super sweet, fun, and delicious coffee. We taste a wild mix of fresh fruit and candy: Peach gummy rings, brandied cherries, watermelon, and, yes, passion fruit.

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