Get to Know Congregation Coffee Roasters

Get to Know Congregation Coffee Roasters

Amen to great coffee.
by Randy Miller | July 08, 2021

Alligators may not be what first comes to mind for coffee pals, but Congregation Coffee Roasters may change your perception. "Congregation is the collective noun for a group of alligators! We loved that it gave the company a sense of place, while inviting others to congregate with us!"

Founded in 2015 to bring quality specialty coffee to the New Orleans area and beyond, Congregation is a family run company launched out of the back of a shotgun house. Rich in Southern charm and hospitality, Congregation joined us for a chat to tell us just how they do it.

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What is Congregation's approach to sourcing?

"We like to source Fair Trade coffees that are exciting for our team as well as accessible and exciting to the wide variety of folks that come through New Orleans!

We want to be able to offer our customers coffees that are potentially different from what they are used to while also offering that comfortable chocolaty or nutty cup with cream and sugar. This means always keeping our menu balanced in terms of origins and flavor profiles!"

What does your community mean to you?

"New Orleans is a special place for coffee. When New Orleans was young, citizens and sailors visiting the port city cut their coffee with chicory to make it last longer.

Today, New Orleans's specialty coffee scene is booming. No surprise, since the food and beverage industries are so important to the culture here."

Tell us about your team.

"Our team is small and mighty! The entire team contributes to selecting new coffees for our single origin and blend menu and quality control cuppings. Our team is so creative — ideas abound — and is full of extremely perceptive and talented coffee professionals."

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Tell us about your weekend pop ups.

"As a former chef, our founder Eliot (Guthrie) is passionate about giving platforms to talented chefs looking for one. Our weekend brunch pop ups are the perfect way to showcase varied cuisines and support chefs we're excited about!"

Do you have a favorite food and coffee combo?

"Pairing is such a fun way to explore coffee! During the pandemic, we rolled out a series of pairing events that were super-fun. Since I'm partial to fruity coffee notes, I've had lots of success pairing coffees with fruity notes with fruit from the farmers market. I find it makes the fruity notes in the coffees stand out even more!

In a similar vein — pairing like with like — when we celebrated our roaster Zoe's birthday, we drank our High Walk blend with cinnamon donuts and were walking on clouds."

Tell us a coffee dad joke.

"Want to grab a cup of coffee? It's bean a while!"

— Emily Russell, Partnership Coordinator, Congregation Coffee Roasters | New Orleans, Louisiana

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