Get to Know DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Get to Know DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

This husband-and-wife founded roaster takes its relationships to heart.
by Team Trade | February 21, 2019

DOMA’s mantra “Love People, Love the Planet” says just about everything you need to know about this Post Falls, Idaho roaster. With an equal emphasis on local community and coffee’s greater impact on the world, Rebecca and Terry Patano have been doing great things for both.

How did you get started roasting?

“After a number of years working in and owning a café, it seemed the natural progression was to learn to roast,” co-founder Terry Patano told us. “I had a few friends around the country that were roasting and they served as mentors and inspiration.”

Who is the male portrait on your bags?

That guy is Terry’s father "…at the beach in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the late ‘40s. He’s one of the entrepreneurial inspirations behind the business.”

The Chronic and Chronic Super Dank — how did you come up with those names?

“We did a collaboration with KettleHouse Brewery in Missoula, Montana, on a beer they called, ‘Bong Water Porter.’ The Chronic grew out of that. A friend of ours was playing around with coffee one day and came up with a combination of our darker roast coffees. We tweaked the blend and The Chronic Super Dank was born. Josh Quick, an artist from Missoula, Montana did the illustration for both bags, which makes the thing work even better.”

What is the Idaho roasting scene like?

“DOMA was the first organic-certified roaster in the state, and, to some degree, we helped develop the early guidelines. When we started in 2000, there were only a handful of roasters statewide. Now there are many. It’s great to see other roasters popping up, but our state overall has some catching up to do in terms of quality and appreciated value for coffee and services.”

Describe your perfect cup of coffee.

“I have two perfect cups of coffee. The first, I wake up early every morning and make for myself. I use a Kalita and Lido hand grinder so as not to wake anyone. I get about an hour of reading in before there is any other movement. I’ve always considered it my Zen moment. My second cup is the one I make for my wife and business partner. By my best estimate, I’ve made about 12,775 cups of coffee over the years. With any luck, I’ll make quite a few more.”

Where do you see DOMA in the next five years?

“As a partner with Trade, we will be able to share DOMA coffee with more people and that is very exciting for us! We will continue roasting great coffee and getting better and smarter with our buying practices and relationships. We’re always working to become better educators and leaders. We’ll work on adding more depth to our community relationships, and provide more opportunities for our staff to learn and grow in the coffee industry. We also hope to have a sweet garden at our Coffee Lab."

— Terry Patano, Co-Founder of DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

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