Who Is Good Citizen?

Who Is Good Citizen?

An old friend with a new name.
by Randy Miller | June 22, 2021

In the coming weeks, expect to see a new friend around your mailbox, Good Citizen Coffee Co. While the name may be new, the face and faces behind it are still the same. The roaster formerly known as Stay Golden Coffee Co still has all the great blends and stories you love, with a new name that represents bigger things to come.

"Stay Golden began as a small team dedicated to sharing excellent coffee with anyone who would listen. We have always valued clean, sweet, and balanced cups and were privileged to have a really experienced team that could consistently deliver those results.

We have been operating since August 2018, but our entire team has been serving Nashville and beyond for the past decade. We have more than 60 years combined experience in specialty coffee. When we opened it felt like the community was ready for us and excited to support us. There’s no better way to start a new brand! As we’ve grown these past few years we’ve expanded our community to touch every corner of the country.

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As we grew and formed more farmer relationships we started to see the need for biodiversity on coffee farms. Through our conversations we found that many farmers want to move away from monoculture, but it’s often cost prohibitive to begin with.

That’s when we launched Flora & Fauna. Through this program we work with our importers to identify farmer partners who want and need help implementing this diversity. We pay farmers an additional five percent for green coffee so they have extra money to invest in these initiatives. Soon enough more and more people were identifying in this mission with us.

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Our new name, Good Citizen Coffee Co, really encompasses who we are and what we believe. Our goal is to be good citizens in every aspect of our personal lives and as a business. We feel like giving towards farmers and towards the earth is a good first step in living that out. We also loved that this name inspires others and invites them in on the journey of becoming better versions of ourselves.

Our new name really will allow us to keep growing and reaching more coffee lovers. To begin with much will stay the same. Our branding is similar as are our blends. We’ll continue to work with the same importers and utilize our farmer relationships already in place.

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You can also expect new product lines down the road - imagine anything coffee related and coffee adjacent like instant coffee, mugs, brew wares, sugar cubes, spoons. We have a big vision to help anyone and everyone make coffee just the way they like it."

— Chelsea Kallman, Regional Sales Associate, Good Citizen Coffee Co

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