Bag Art: Passenger Coffee

Bag Art: Passenger Coffee

A commitment to excellence that really shows.
by Team Trade | January 29, 2020

Since 2014, Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Passenger Coffee has been "… on a mission to seek out and thoughtfully present the world’s most memorable coffee." And now it shows!

Their fresh coffee bag designs — part of an overall rebrand — are good from the inside out with the storytelling, intentionality, and sustainability to match their mission. Presenting: Passenger's "truly remarkable" packaging.

Why did you decide to redesign your bags?

In 2019, Passenger began a process of self discovery with our design partners, the  Infantree. We were coming up on our five-year anniversary, and although the brand had gone through some minor alterations through the years, we didn’t feel as though it accurately reflected who we have become. As we began the process, it became clear that our packaging would need to evolve as well.

What was your design inspiration?

Passenger has always maintained a minimalist aesthetic. We love simple geometric patterns and wanted to keep in line with our overall identity. We also wanted to have a clearer design system due to the number of coffees on our menu at any given time (over 35, currently!).

This lead to the introduction of our two different colored bags representing foundational/exclusive lots and our reserve lots. We also standardized our label colors based on origin.

How did you choose you color palette?

The color palate was inspired by our coffee and tea showroom. It is a light-filled spaced, with clean white walls, and blue accents. The stained wood has a orange hue that comes across in the new reserve bags.

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What message do you hope your bags convey?

Excellence and intentionality. Passenger is on a mission to seek out and present the world’s most memorable coffees and teas. We wanted to create a brand that exudes those qualities.

How did you choose what information to put on the bags?

K.I.S.S. We didn’t want to overcomplicate it. Our tasting notes are accurate. The color system helps to convey origin and lot. We wanted the producer to be front and center. All of this brought us to this outcome.

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What's the vibe of the bags in three words?

Elegant. Intentional. Minimal.

How did you consider sustainability?

As a Certified B Corporation, we are hellbent on finding the most sustainable solutions available for the products that we sell. We went with the Biotre 2.0 product from Pacific Bag and compostable labels from Elevate packaging.

This provides a product that is made of 60 percent compostable and 40 percent renewable ingredients. We are continuing to strive for 100 percent compostable!

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