Relief for Maui

Relief for Maui

Help us support the Maui Strong Fund.
by Team Trade | September 04, 2023

For this week's Best of Trade, we're turning our attention to a cause near to our coffee community's heart.

Since 2008, our friends at Bean & Bean have proudly sourced coffee from the Kona region of Hawaii — nurturing both local livelihoods and honoring the island’s unique coffee heritage. As the Maui community continues to cope with the aftermath of the devastating fires, we're teaming up with Bean & Bean to do our part to help.

__For every bag of their Kona Extra Fancy purchased, both Bean & Bean and Trade will donate 10% of our proceeds to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund.

The Maui Strong Fund

The Maui Strong Fund is rapidly channeling financial resources to aid in the recovery from the devastating Maui wildfires. Collaborating closely with government, nonprofits, and the community, the fund is addressing evolving priorities such as shelter, food, financial aid, and essential services identified by key partners on Maui. You can learn more about their work here.

Kona Coffee Pricing

Hawaii has a long, rich history of coffee growing, and coffee from the Kona region is its most prized. This Extra Fancy (an actual agricultural designation and not a marketing gimmick) is an excellent example of Hawaiian coffee. It has the smoothness that Kona is known for combined with complex green apple acidity.

Real high-quality Kona, because it’s grown in the United States and because of its relative scarcity, costs more than you'd typically see, but for those interested in specialty coffee it’s definitely worth trying. If you'd like to dive deeper into the intricacies and cost of Kona coffee, we highly recommend reading this article published by the Bean & Bean team.

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