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40 Coffees


Brought to you by the best local roasters in the US, our decaffeinated whole bean and ground coffees are free of caffeine — but certainly not taste.

Coffee Talk
From Our Coffee Expert

Does decaf coffee use artificial chemicals?

Nope! Decaf undergoes the Swiss Water decaffeination process, which doesn’t use any artificial chemicals at all, just water.

Can decaf coffee be organic?

The coffee has to be organic before it is decaffeinated – there’s no way to make a decaffeinated coffee organic. An organic coffee is grown without any herbicides or pesticides, so by the time it gets to the decaffeination plant it has already passed the organic certifications.

Does decaf coffee taste different than regular coffee?

Sure it does, but not different as in bad, just different. Decaffeinating coffee is a difficult process, that puts the coffee bean through the ringer. There’s no way to decaffeinate coffee and have it taste exactly the same as it did while it was caffeinated. However, the processes that our roasters utilize help retain as much of the original flavor profile as possible!