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TasteRich, chocolaty cold brews
  • Lively, refreshing cold brews
  • Rich, chocolaty cold brews
  • Dark, smoky cold brews
Denver, CO

Flores Belas

This gorgeously balanced cup is a Trade exclusive! Rich chocolate flavors pair beautifully with just a splash of orange acidity, and a deep caramel sweetness that lingers past the last drop.

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GrindGround for Cold Brew
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  • Natural/Dry Processed icon
    Natural/Dry Processed
  • Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Arabica icon
    Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Arabica

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Denver, CO
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Fun Fact
Huckleberry’s Head Roaster, Shelby, holds the 2019 US Roasting Champion title, so you can sip easy knowing your beans are well-pampered and roasted to perfection.

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