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The Cold Brew Kit.

Want a vacation from hot coffee? Here’s everything you need to keep it chill.

TasteRich, chocolaty cold brews
  • Lively, refreshing cold brews
  • Rich, chocolaty cold brews
  • Dark, smoky cold brews

This kit comes with coffees whose rich chocolaty and caramel flavors translate best to cold brew. It’s smooth sailing from here on out.

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Bag Size32 oz. Bag $35.00 ($1.06 Per Cup)
Frequency2 bags per month
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2 lb Bag $41.18 ($1.25 Per Cup)
GrindGround for Cold Brew
  • Whole
  • Ground for Cold Brew
Make café-quality cold brew at home.

$35.00 + Free Shipping

  • 2 lb Bag of cold brew coffee (Makes 33 cups)
  • FREE easy-to-use, eco-friendly Cold Brew Bags
  • Roasted fresh, delivered on your schedule
  • No equipment required
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Coffee Notes

  • Natural/Dry Processed icon
    Natural/Dry Processed
  • Alta Mogiana Mineira, Minas Gerais icon
    Sub Region
    Alta Mogiana Mineira, Minas Gerais
  • José Augusto Peixoto icon
    José Augusto Peixoto
  • June-August icon
    Harvest Time
  • Catuai / Catucai icon
    Catuai / Catucai

Meet the Roaster

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Chandler, AZ
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Fun Fact
The Peixoto (pronounced “pay-show-tow”) family has been farming coffee for at least four generations — since the turn of the nineteenth century.

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