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Get started brewing no matter what your experience level with the best coffee makers and handiest accessories.

  • Cold Brew
  • Grinder
  • Coffee Maker
  • Chemex
  • Pour Over
  • Kettle & Scale
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Coffee Talk
From Our Coffee Expert
How does brew method affect taste?
Brew method affects taste in a bunch of ways. Pour overs pull out nuanced flavors; Chemex makes very clean cups; French press yields a thick, full-bodied up; coffee makers brew consistent, larger pots of coffee. Moka pots make very intense, small amounts of coffee. AeroPress compacts flavors into a tight cup. Cold brew mellows out the acidity while boosting the flavors for a bold smooth cup.
How do you choose the right brew method?
It depends how involved you want to get–if you’re looking for ease, use a coffee maker or make cold brew. If you want to be more involved, but are worried about technique, go with Chemex. Want to be like my Italian Grandma? Get a moka pot. Camping and want something portable? Bring an Aeropress! Want to play around with your coffee? Then a pour over is for you.
Which brew method is the most versatile?
All brew methods can be versatile, but I think Chemex is the most versatile. You can grind finely to make more of an immersion brew. All different levels of roast can work in a Chemex and taste beautiful! There’s no coffee that a Chemex can’t handle.