Ethiopia Sidama Ardi


San Rafael, CA

Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

Funky & Fruity

Smooth, fruity and sweet, with notes of vanilla, lavender and meyer lemon. This naturally processed coffee may change your whole perception of what coffee can be.
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    • Ripe Fruit, Brown Sugar, Citrus
    About the Roaster
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    San Rafael, CA
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    Fun Fact
    Equator chose the bengal tiger as its emblem for their strength, rarity, power, and grace. All important attributes for a female founded and led company.
    Ethiopia Sidama Ardi
    • Natural/Dry Processed icon
      Natural/Dry Processed
    • Guji, Borena Hagermariam District icon
      Sub Region
      Guji, Borena Hagermariam District
    • Nardos Coffee icon
      Nardos Coffee
    • 1,750 - 1,800 icon
      1,750 - 1,800
    • Heirloom icon
    Roaster’s Notes
    Grown in Southern Ethiopia’s Guji Zone, an area where coffee farming is the main source of income for the people who live in the area. Equator has been buying this clean and fruity coffee every year since 2013. The inspiration behind this coffee’s name comes from the discovery of Ardipithecus Ramidus, the oldest hominid ever found. The fossil is 4.4 million years old and was unearthed in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley, which is where this coffee is grown.

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