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Trade Coffee Trios

Give, Drink & Be Merry

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Comfort & Joy
Nostalgic & Rich
Classic coffee drinkers will thank you every morning! A range of PT’s favorite blends, from medium to dark roast, this trio brews great with any method and tastes just as good black as with milk and sugar.
$49.00 | 3 Bags | 36 oz.
Hot Shots
Bold & Full Bodied
Ask for an Americano or Cortado the next time you stop by for a visit! Cuvee's trio of syrupy, rich, crema-boasting blends are perfect for espresso lovers (and lovers in the making).
$49.00 | 3 Bags | 36 oz.
World Tour
Bright & Expressive
Circle the globe with Madcap’s meticulously sourced single origins. Best enjoyed black, these lighter roasts represent the distinctive and exciting flavors of three of the world’s best coffee growing regions.
$49.00 | 3 Bags | 36 oz.
Box Of Excellence
Refined & Complex
The annual Cup of Excellence award, which identifies a country’s best quality coffee, is the highest honor a producer can receive. Every coffee included in Passenger’s stellar Reserve Lot gift box is a 2018 winner, making it the perfect prize for true connoisseurs.
$70.00 | 3 Bags | 15 oz.