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The chemex is as good at brewing coffee as it is beautiful, and it’ll help you get the best out of these light-to-medium roasted coffees.

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Chocolaty & Sweet
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Red Rooster
Chocolaty & Sweet
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Sweet & Tart
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Subtle & Delicate
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Oren's Coffee
Sweet & Inviting
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Good Citizen
Sweet & Tart
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Shipped Directly From Local Roasters

Here are a few roasters featured in this collection. Each coffee is roasted to order and supports independent roasters across the U.S.

Sean Stewart
Good Citizen

Nashville, TN

Founded in 2018 with the mission to do unto others, Good Citizen Coffee Co has kept that the rhythm of their heartbeat while working to put thoughts into actions. Paying an additional five percent for green coffee so farmers can invest back in their land, this Nashville roaster seeks to improve soil health through biodiversity, so the future of specialty coffee can thrive for generations to come.
Fun Fact
Good Citizen likes to name its production equipment, since they're a part of the team! One faithful weigh and fill machine is named Twyla — it just felt right.
Will Shurtz, Marco Suarez, David Baker

Greenville, SC

Founded by three friends in Greenville, South Carolina, Methodical Coffee opened its first café in 2015. With each partner bringing their own unique strengths — Marco Suarez’s community-first spirit, Will Shurtz’s barista training, and David Baker’s operational know-how – Methodical was roasting coffee within a year and a half of opening. Today, those three pillars of customer service, exceptional product, and experience carry through everything Methodical does.
Fun Fact
Methodical’s bags were designed by a local artist, with the intention to bring its café experience into your home.
Mark Capriotti and Mark Corpus

Philadelphia, PA

Inspired by coffee’s complexity, ReAnimator has been sharing its noble beverage with Philadelphia since 2011. A lot has changed since then, in fact a lot changes pretty quickly at Mark Capriotti and Mark Corpus’s roaster. Its seasonality-focused menu cycles frequently with single-origin coffees sticking around for mere weeks.
Fun Fact
ReAnimator began in a row house basement in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood with a small two kilogram roaster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy, you can subscribe to Trade Coffee’s Most Popular Collection. Trade collaborates with over 55 independent specialty coffee roasters all around the United States that offer any coffee roast you could dream of - single origin, decaffeinated, or specialty coffee. And we put them all together in this collection—you’ll find fan-favorite coffees that our customers keep coming back for refills of.

Our customers highly recommend blends like “Kickstart” from the coffee roasting company Greater Goods, based in Austin, Texas. The beans give off a flavor of dark chocolate and brown sugar. Its sweet taste makes it the perfect morning cup of coffee. It’s the kind of crowd-pleaser that makes a great introduction to specialty coffee, but that you’ll come back to as you continue your journey through more great roasts.

We also offer single-origin favorites such as “Passion” from the coffee shop Alma in Canton, Georgia. Single-origin means that the beans all come from one specific location in its country of origin, so you can taste the unique flavors the soil and climate produces. This Honduran treasure has smooth, milk chocolate notes, and has been enchanting customers for years.

You can also check out our Staff Picks Collection to browse through the best coffees. Our team of coffee experts (we keep a few around) carefully taste and select every coffee you can find on our store, and these represent some of our new favorites that we want you to get excited about, too.

Our coffee subscription service helps you decide on the types of coffee you want with a helpful quiz about your favorite flavors and coffee rituals. After you’ve picked and tried a few selections, you can narrow down your favorite coffees and feel free to swap them out for any of our recommendations.