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This wide-ranging collection features coffees certified to pay farmers a premium and make a positive environmental impact.

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Here are a few roasters featured in this collection. Each coffee is roasted to order and supports independent roasters across the U.S.

Rachel & Jiyoon Han
Bean & Bean

New York, NY

Amidst the 2008 economic crisis, Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters opened shop at Rector and Broadway in Manhattan’s financial epicenter. Fourteen years and four locations later, this mother-daughter team is driven by a clear commitment to gender equity — with over half the coffee they source female-powered and all of it cupped and curated by founders and Q Graders Rachel and Jiyoon Han.
Fun Fact
Bean & Bean donate a portion of their proceeds to The Sloth Institute, which is wonderful.
Gabe Boscana

Coatesville, PA

After more than 15 years in the coffee industry, Gabriel Boscana set out to forge his own path with Máquina Coffee. While Gabe is somewhat of a one-man show, he isn’t in this alone — relationships are at the heart of Máquina, through representation of producers, initiatives at origin, and the local support of the Coatesville, Pennsylvania and Oakland, California communities, which serve as a reminder that “Great coffee should be accessible to everyone.”
Fun Fact
Meaning machine in Spanish, Máquina celebrates coffee’s link between people and the roaster.
Haden Polseno-Hensley, Rose A. McCutchan
Red Rooster

Floyd, VA

Red Rooster Coffee doesn’t do things by the book. When Rose McCutchan approached then fiancé Haden Polseno-Hensley about supplying coffee for her Floyd, Virginia café, the duo began roasting from a small space in the back of her mother’s bookstore. Guided by principles of sustainability and gender equality since 2010, this family-run company takes pride in inclusive hiring practices and making onsite childcare available for all of its employees.
Fun Fact
This roaster has its own licensed onsite childcare for employees, called Yellow Hen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy, you can subscribe to Trade Coffee’s Most Popular Collection. Trade collaborates with over 55 independent specialty coffee roasters all around the United States that offer any coffee roast you could dream of - single origin, decaffeinated, or specialty coffee. And we put them all together in this collection—you’ll find fan-favorite coffees that our customers keep coming back for refills of.

Our customers highly recommend blends like “Kickstart” from the coffee roasting company Greater Goods, based in Austin, Texas. The beans give off a flavor of dark chocolate and brown sugar. Its sweet taste makes it the perfect morning cup of coffee. It’s the kind of crowd-pleaser that makes a great introduction to specialty coffee, but that you’ll come back to as you continue your journey through more great roasts.

We also offer single-origin favorites such as “Passion” from the coffee shop Alma in Canton, Georgia. Single-origin means that the beans all come from one specific location in its country of origin, so you can taste the unique flavors the soil and climate produces. This Honduran treasure has smooth, milk chocolate notes, and has been enchanting customers for years.

You can also check out our Staff Picks Collection to browse through the best coffees. Our team of coffee experts (we keep a few around) carefully taste and select every coffee you can find on our store, and these represent some of our new favorites that we want you to get excited about, too.

Our coffee subscription service helps you decide on the types of coffee you want with a helpful quiz about your favorite flavors and coffee rituals. After you’ve picked and tried a few selections, you can narrow down your favorite coffees and feel free to swap them out for any of our recommendations.