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Boston, MA

George Howell

In coffee, few names carry the weight of George Howell – both the man and the brand. When George began freezing green coffee, the industry listened. When he co-founded the Cup of Excellence, he literally set the standard. Treating harvests with the reverence of wine vintages, this Boston-based legend delivers on the promise of the earth’s best coffee.

Coffee Talk
About George Howell

What makes Boston a great coffee city?

Boston is a big city with small-town heart. New England’s largest metropolitan area has all the gastro-excellence you’d expect from a major hub with a nostalgic, hometown reverence for the ceremony of the morning coffee routine.

How did George Howell get started?

George Howell has been in the specialty coffee game so long he practically started it. After selling his initial Boston-area brand, he took a brief hiatus, later reclaiming his mantle of master roaster in 2004 and opening the first George Howell cafe in 2012.

What is George Howell’s signature roast style?

Roasting in small batches and intensely focused on each coffee farm’s terroir, George Howell helps control and create a unique variety of flavors.