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Birmingham, AL


Founded in 2013, this Southern roaster is nostalgically named for the way the word rhythmically rolls off the tongue. That reverence comes through in a friendly and refined yet gritty spirit that extends to neighborhood-driven cafés, a farm-to-table philosophy, and traditional hospitality.

Coffee Talk
Revelator Says

How has the South shaped Revelator?

The Southern food and beverage scene is thriving and influential, it's always been that way. Southern coffee culture has been around for generations as well, and the appetite and desire for good, quality coffee is here. Southern hospitality is centered around the table, and Southern food has always celebrated, in a very real way, a farm-to-table philosophy. It's also about pulling up a seat, and enjoying time with friends and neighbors — whether to share a meal or enjoy a coffee together.

What about specialty coffee encourages obsession?

There's a lot of fuss and frills when it comes to the world of specialty. We want to move away from that a bit — let of the ego and focus on putting out something that at its core is truly good, that people really love and want to enjoy day after day.

Why did you choose the name Revelator?

"Revelator" has a Southern cadence. The word rolls off the tongue in a slow, wavy rhythm — with a bit of superstition. We like the weight and feel of it. There's a sense of discovery and intrigue. It's a little antiquated and there’s some nostalgia for Southern blues and folk life, but otherwise, there’s no grand meaning. The name just seems to fit with the right sentiment.