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Sacramento, CA


Armed with the dream of creating sacred gathering places like those he encountered while traveling Indonesia, Sean Kohmescher founded Temple in 2005. This California roaster continues its global mission of education from its West Coast home in Sacramento.

Coffee Talk
Temple Says

Which farmers have most impacted Temple?

There are several producers that are invaluable to our coffee sourcing program. Offerings from Patricia Diaz and her family at Finca El Diamante in Guatemala have been a staple of ours for over eight years. We feature their coffee as a single origin and in our blends.

How has the city of Sacramento shaped Temple?

Temple Coffee was founded in Sacramento, California 15 years ago. In that time, the city has grown from a small river city and state capital to embrace a growing population. Sacramento has incorporated the agriculture community of the Sacramento Valley and named itself the “Farm to Fork” capital. We have adopted the same philosophy for our coffee program, “Farm to Cup”.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability for us is about the future: for the betterment of the coffee suppliers that we work with, our growth as a company, and the protection of our environment. We play the long game and look towards the future and not just quick wins. We want to be buying coffee from the next generation of suppliers. Our Three Pillars Blend is named after our commitment to social, economic, and environmentally sustainable practices.