9 Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Space

9 Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Space

If you're not already feeling inspired, you will be!
by Team Trade | September 09, 2020

If you’ve spent months staring at the same four walls and scrolling through numerous pictures of creative coffee stations, you may be looking for a little design inspiration to shake things up. And since we’ve all taken more time brewing coffee at home, the same is likely the case for your home coffee bar.

As with any good coffee shop, a quirky coffee sign, small designs, and equipment improvements are essential in keeping your coffee corner fresh. Whether you’re applying a new coat of paint to embrace a color palette, bringing in bright and friendly ceramics to liven up your kitchen counter space, buying plants and flowers to bring some organic life into your coffee nook or home bar, or investing in state-of-the-art equipment like a brand new coffee machine to have you brewing like an at-home barista, small details can make a big impact on your home coffee bar.

Your Best Brew Awaits

Here at Trade, we’ve got you covered with organizational and design tips to fulfill your inspiration. Read on to check out nine of our favorite DIY coffee bar ideas as you brew specialty coffee drinks like an espresso tonic, and while you're at it, make sure to sign up for our online coffee subscription to keep your coffee bar stocked at all times.

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Tip 01: Pick a Palette

Many coffee essentials, gadgets, and coffee bar accessories come in a rainbow of colors these days. Starting with a palette will help guide your purchases and ensure your coffee station and coffee bar accessories fit your personality. Bright and cheery? Pick a colorful array of primary colors. More of a minimalist? There are plenty of creative directions you can take to match your coffee station to your style.

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Tip 02: Add Some Character

Another creative kitchen coffee bar idea is to embrace the legacy of making morning coffee at home with a little heritage. We adore the look of pairing new coffee supplies gear with personal pieces from your own collection as DIY coffee bar decor. Candlesticks handed down from your grandmother, vintage peppermills, or even an old school radio can all add a farmhouse style charm.

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Tip 03: Use the Space You’ve Got

Have a whole butler’s pantry waiting to be decorated? Great. Only got a corner of your small kitchen to devote to your coffee station? That’s excellent too. Find opportunities to bring coffee into your space — think: a floating shelf or a coffee bar cart. Even if you have to move your coffee bar or DIY coffee station outside of your kitchen, that’s OK, you’ll be enjoying coffee there, too!

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Tip 04: Bring Nature Indoors

Whether it’s a plant from your backyard or something you picked up at your local gardening center, add an organic element to your coffee nook with a little greenery (or pinkery, whitery, even brownery in some cases). Coffee is a plant, after all.

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Tip 05: Play with Prints

Rather than matchy-matchy solids, mix it up with coordinated pieces that go together. Think: graphic polka-dots or subtle stripes on your coffee pot, mugs, and jars.

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Tip 06: Make it a Cook’s Coffee Bar

Add elements from your kitchen to make your kitchen coffee bar a place to both drink coffee and dine. Chairs make for a great spot to stop and enjoy the morning coffee, fresh ingredients are ideal for garnishing, a chalkboard with the day's menu adds a personal touch, and cutting boards help with serving crusty bread or pastries.

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Tip 07: Go Below the Surface

Leave only what you need within hand’s reach on the counter space of your coffee bar station (like cups, mugs, and a coffee maker) and store the rest tidily in your kitchen cabinet. Decide what you need quickly and on a daily basis for to create a streamlined look for your perfect coffee bar. Whether you’re drinking black coffee or trying coffee with milk, keeping your favorite mug, coffee beans, coffee pods, and other materials organized can help make your life easier as you roll out of bed to make your morning brew.

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Tip 08: Keep Your Options Open

On weekends you’re an espresso artist with the espresso machine, during the week you’re a French press coffee fiend. Keep multiple coffee makers on hand to help satisfy your every craving, bonus: you'll be the ultimate host when guests stop by with specific preferences.

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Tip 09: Prep for Happy Hour

A sparkling water maker, syrups, and spices help make the transition from work hour to happy hour a seamless one. To whip up a winning coffee cocktail, start with a perfect coffee cup, and just add alcohol.

Curious about the different types of coffee blends? Take our coffee quiz to find out which blend is best for you and your at-home coffee creations.

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