2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the thought that counts — and we thought of everything!
by Team Trade | September 14, 2023

Yes, we're aware it's only August, but at Trade we believe you can never be too prepared when thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. Time and again we let the season creep up on us, and before we know it, we're scrambling trying to come up with some sort of idea that for some reason never feels quite right, but since the time and options are limited, we have to settle.

Who needs that kind of stress? Not us! And not you.

And, let's be honest, it's never too early to spread joy and caffeinated cheer to your loved ones. Here are the unique gift ideas to help you get ahead, get inspired, and get ready to make this holiday season truly one for the books.

Digital Gift Coffee Subscription

The can't-beat classic personalized gift. Whether you're looking for gifts for mom, dad, friends, co-workers, neighbors, whoever, the digital gift coffee subscription delivers the perfect balance of thoughtful, personal touch and flexibility to make sure that, no matter who your giftee is, they're getting something that suits their coffee taste and brewing habits (albeit in a much better, more delicious way).

If you're coming to Trade for the first time for yourself or for a gift (hi!), we bring together the most unique and talented coffee shops from around the country, taste and hand-pick their best coffees, and curate a selection of them tailored to anyone's taste. Every coffee is roasted fresh and shipped directly to you (or your giftee) by the coffee shop!

Our digital gift coffee subscriptions come in a wide variety of sizes: From 2 bags all the way to a year of coffee, or 24 bags (now that's love). They're emailed in minutes to your lucky gift recipient.

Buy it here starting at $40.

Celebration Box

If you want to move from the realm of digital to the physical, the Celebration Box is the way to go.

You'll be treating them to a flight of three of our most popular craft coffees, showcasing top-rated flavors in light, medium, and dark roasts. Each box includes a gift code for a fourth bag of coffee which is matched specifically to their preferences and roasted fresh to order.

Buy it here for $72.

Alma Coffee Tasting Kit

Georgia’s own Alma Coffee not only roast amazing coffee, but they source it from their own farms in Honduras. This gift box of six 2.5oz samples and one 11oz bag showcases an incredible variety of coffees from one special place. It also includes a code for an additional bag of coffee for your giftee to choose, either from Alma or from any of our other roasters!

Whether it's a gift for a coffee enthusiast or for a coffee beginner, the Alma Tasting kit is a great way to dive into the nuances of flavor and roasting in one convenient gift set.

Buy it here for $49.

Joven Chocolate Box

Gifts for people with a sweet tooth? Say less!

Featuring one bag of medium roast, single-origin coffee and two bars of delicious tree-to-bar chocolate, one classic dark chocolate and one flavored with coffee beans, this box is double the beans, double the fun!

Each box includes a gift code for an additional bag of coffee, which is matched specifically to your giftee's preferences and roasted to order.

If you'll allow us to brag for a minute: Joven (under the Sparrows label) is helmed by Frankie Volkema. She's the world's yougest Q Grader(coffee sommelier). She became certified at 13 years old! That's nuts! Every Joven coffee and chocolate bar is created to support her work in championing young coffee producers around the world.

Buy it here for $59.

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