Ten Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Ten Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Here are ten of our favorite ways to enjoy coffee for NCD. Plus, enter to win our big giveaway!
by Lauren Chamberlain | September 27, 2022

National Coffee Day is this Thursday (9/29)!

Not to be too obvious, but it’s our FAVORITE day of the year. Coffee is our whole thing, you know.

If you’re reading this right now, we’ll bet you love coffee as much as us and you’re really gonna love what comes next: To celebrate National Coffee Day, we’re giving away $500 in Trade credit*. That’s a free year of coffee!

Want in? It’s super easy. Just share a post that shows a creative way you enjoy coffee (aside from drinking it) for a chance to win. To enter: Tag us @tradecoffeeco on Instagram with the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay. You have until 9/29 11:59 pm ET to submit! Winner will be announced 10/13 on Instagram.

If you need a little inspo to get started, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite ways to enjoy coffee below.

Ten of Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Coffee

#1 Discover Something New

Okay, technically this is still about drinking coffee. But, hear us out! Your Trade subscription makes it so easy to immerse yourself in everything about the exciting world of coffee. There are so many flavors, origins, roasting processes, and stories still to be discovered. If you only celebrate National Coffee Day one way, do it by trying a new coffee!

#2 Booze It Up

Y’all already know what’s up here. We’re talking Irish coffees, espresso martinis, white Russians — the list goes on and on.

#3 Just Add Ice Cream

Heaven is an endless affogato bowl. Affogatos are THE classic Italian espresso + ice cream treat. If you’ve never had one yet, do yourself a favor and get on it!

#4 Exfoliate Everything

Don’t throw out your coffee grounds! There are endless ways to upcycle them and one of our favorites, which definitely counts as enjoying coffee, is to turn them into DIY skin and hair care scrubs. Check out some of our favorite recipes here.


#5 Make a Nature Dye

Did you know you can naturally dye fabrics with coffee? If you love some cozy Earth tones and that rustic, lived-in vibe like we do, this is the perfect weekend project!

#6 Treat Your Garden

This one goes out to our green thumbs. Another great and eco-friendly way to repurpose your used coffee grounds is to sprinkle them into your garden. It will improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. Plus it’ll attract earthworms!

#7 Fix Furniture (Really!)

Remember those wild videos where people would touch up or fix furniture with dried instant ramen noodles? No? Just us? This is the same idea, just with coffee!

#8 Indulge Your Inner Baker

When it comes to sweets, for us the perfect amount is “all”. We never say no and we never turn it down, especially if it’s a home made treat. Coffee is used in some of our favorite recipes like tiramisu, truffles, and pie! If you’re not using great coffee in your dessert recipes you’re missing out.


#9 Invent a New Frappucchino Flavor

You may be wondering… why does “Frappucchino” get it’s own category here? That’s Starb*cks thing. Well honestly, yeah, good point, but who cares! National Coffee Day is about celebrating everything (and anyone) to do with coffee. Plus, making one at home is surprisingly fun and Starbies only has a limited amount of flavors. Here, the only limit is your imagination .

#10 Create Coffee Popsicles

There's no shortage of refreshing, sweet, and iced ways to enjoy coffee. Cold brew coffee popsicles round out our list because it feels like a distinctly summer treat. And, even though summer's over, we're not ready to let go yet.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE THE ODDS OF WINNING. You may only enter one time. Multiple entries for giveaway will not increase your chances of winning. You may enter by tagging @tradecoffeeco and using the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay in an Instagram feed post or Twitter post (account must be public for an entry to be received). You may enter via email by sending an email with the subject line "National Coffee Day" to Submissions@tradecoffeeco.com. Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia, who are living in the United States and the District of Columbia and who are at least 18 years of age. Sweepstakes are void in Puerto Rico and where otherwise prohibited by law. Winner is responsible for all taxes associated with the prize. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received during the contest period. Prize is valued at $500. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm ET on September 29, 2022. Winner will be notified by their method of entry via email or DM by October 13, 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

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