Staff Picks: Best of 2023

Staff Picks: Best of 2023

From long-time classics to winter blends, our team is taking a look back at the coffees that made it into our favorite mugs over and over again in 2023.
by Team Trade | January 02, 2024

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites in the office or at home with our monthly series, Staff Picks.

Although we're excited to dive head first into all the new coffee 2024 has to offer, we're taking one more opportunity to be sentimental about the coffees that made 2023 so special for each of us.

While our small, but mighty team is undoubtedly full of coffee lovers, why we choose the coffee we drink and why we like it couldn't be more different. Here is the full director's cut of Staff Picks: Best of 2023. We hope these will help introduce you to some of the people who make Trade possible, and, of course, bring more delicious coffee into your life.

A note from the editor (Lauren): Thank you Sean, Louisa, and Abdullah.

Methodical's Belly Warmer

Lately I’m loving a pour over with Methodical’s Belly Warmer. It’s a darker roast than what I typically make every day, but I like it because it reminds me of roadtrips with family, where my dad would have a giant tumbler of coffee that smelled just like this. Somehow he'd drive my mom, myself, and my two brothers 20+ hours from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania every summer with stopping. Somehow we survived that, too. It must have been strong coffee, which now I can appreicate more than ever. - Lauren, Content Manager


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PERC's Holiday Blend

This coffee just sold out, but we have a handful of similar winter blends at the link!

Since it dropped in November, it was a mainstay in our Moccamaster. While the amazing artwork is what initially drew me to the bag, it's what's inside that matters most. Its roastiness and notes of baking spices fulfill everything I wanted on a cold winter morning after taking the dog out. This winter warmer takes me to the warm streets of Savannah, GA - one of my favorite towns to visit in the South. - Sean, Marketing

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Sean's dog's name is Pilsner. Sean also likes beer.

Joe's Amsterdam

Joe's Amsterdam is the kind of sweet and smooth crowd pleaser that even elicits a grunt of approval from my father-in-law. - Louisa, Coffee Operations

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Louisa is Trade's longest tenured employee!

Cuvee's Karmadillo

In a world of ever-evolving coffee trends, there's something timeless about a cup that simply tastes like coffee. Call me old-fashioned, but my perfect cup involves savoring the essence of the brew, and for that, Cuvee's Karmadillo has become my go-to choice.

I've embraced the traditional approach of using my Trade Yeti to keep my coffee warm. There's a comforting ritual in ensuring that every sip is as satisfying as the first. Paired with my transparent mug, this setup allows me to witness the coffee's true colors and body, especially when I add a splash of milk. The visual experience enhances the overall enjoyment of the brewing process!

Cuvee's Karmadillo stands out for its exceptional blend that caters to the coffee purist in me. It's a symphony of rich, dark notes that set the stage for a truly authentic coffee experience. The subtle sweetness, however, is the secret ingredient that elevates this blend to new heights. So you can ditch adding that extra sugar! The roastiness and subtle sweetness are not overpowering but rather inviting, encouraging multiple servings without diminishing the pleasure. If you're like me and prefer enjoying more than one mug every morning - then Karmadillo is undoubtedly the ideal choice for a consistently delightful coffee experience. - Abdullah, Finance

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I think I speak for everyone when I say, Abdullah's is one of Trade's favorite coffee reviewers.

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