The Ultimate Irish Coffee Recipe

The Ultimate Irish Coffee Recipe

Step one: start with great coffee.
by Team Trade | March 11, 2019

Step one: start with great coffee.

When you want amazing coffee, you come to Trade. When we were after the perfect Irish coffee, we went to the pros, too!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we turned to Amanda Whitt, a brand ambassador for Tamworth Distilling and 2013 Northeast Brewers Cup finalist, for her Irish coffee recipe. While Amanda was happy to share, you might want to keep this easy formula close to the chest!



  • Prepare French press coffee (hint: here's a handy how-to)
  • Combine coffee with sugar and stir to dissolve
  • Add whiskey
  • Prepare whipped cream in a cocktail shaker — or its bottle
  • Pour cream over the back of a spoon into the cocktail

The last step, of course, is the easiest: enjoy!

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