Crowd-Pleasing Coffee Perfect for Thanksgiving

Crowd-Pleasing Coffee Perfect for Thanksgiving

They'll all be thankful for these blends.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | November 18, 2019

Whether you're on coffee duty for your out-of-town guests or traveling to homes with coffee supplies unknown, brewing a pot for any group with different tastes can be tough. There’s something about the Thanksgiving food prep list that seemingly raises the stakes.

What if Uncle Tim only drinks dark roasts while cousin Linda can’t stand them? We’re here to help, with four blends balanced and delicious enough to please any coffee drinker!

Blend names aren’t as important as how they taste, but think how sweet it’ll be when you tell your family (chosen or biological!) how grateful you are while simply stating what this one's called. Grateful has a little sweet citrus flavor, but mostly it’s caramel, brown sugar, and roasted nuts down the line.

Red Rooster Grateful Blend ($18.85)

Another medium roast that has a hint of fruit flavor mixed in with caramel and peanut butter sweetness, Intelligentsia's El Gallo should please just about any family member. If your crew is likely to be impressed by their coffee being organic, this’ll be an especially great choice.

Intelligentsia El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend ($17.65)

Streetlevel is used in milk drinks at Verve's cafes, so if your family loads up on dairy (or non-dairy) in their coffee, you know this one will stand up to it! Plus it's a great choice, whether you’re brewing in a coffee maker or playing around with the espresso machine your dad got as a gift and never used.

Verve Streetlevel ($18.85)

You might assume based on the name that Carmela’s tastes like caramel, and you’d be very, very correct. Sweetness in coffee is probably the great equalizer in terms of choosing one that everyone will like, and this blend packs a ton of it with a little zesty lemon flavor for fun.

DOMA Carmela’s ($15.25)

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