The Fresh List: Four Delicious Organic Coffees

The Fresh List: Four Delicious Organic Coffees

Good for your taste buds and good for the earth!
by Maciej Kasperowicz | December 09, 2019

Because of the wonderfully complex coffee supply chain, organic certification can be tough to achieve. It has to take place not just at the farm, but also the mill and the roastery.

This winter, we’re excited to have some really cool new coffees that both support the folks pushing organic coffee forward while being totally delicious, too. Discover four of our favorites here:

Doma Coffee Roasting Company Winter Wonderland coffee bag

Using coffee from organic farms in both Costa Rica and Mexico, this seasonal blend from Doma tastes like walking through a pine tree forest while enjoying a sweet and warming (and possibly intoxicating) cup of cider.

Doma Winter Wonderland ($21.75)

Red Rooster Coffee Peru Agua Colorado coffee bag

This gem from Gilmer Córdova’s organic farm bridges the gap between approachable flavors like nougat and fun fruity notes of melon. It’s yet another in the new wave of clean, fruity Peruvian coffees we’ve been enjoying thoroughly this year.

Red Rooster Peru Agua Colorada ($21.20)

Augie's Coffee Ethiopia Damo coffee bag

Because of the country’s traditional farming practices, a high percentage of Ethiopia’s coffees are farmed organically, though the the farm or mill might not be certified. This one is, and it's candy-like and berry-forward to boot.

Augie’s Ethiopia Damo ($21.20)

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. Decaf Colombia Tolima coffee bag

This decaf uses the Ethyl Acetate process, in which a solution made from fermented cane sugar is used to remove caffeine from the beans. The EA plant used for it is certified organic — that’s one more hurdle than non-decaf coffees have to clear! The result here is a wonderfully big-bodied and sweet Decaf.

Anodyne Decaf Colombia Tolima ($20.55)

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