Staff Picks: Gone Campin'

Staff Picks: Gone Campin'

Save some space in your backpack.
by Nate Krantz | August 04, 2020

If you love camping, like our Head of Engineering Nate, these Staff Picks make the perfect hiking companion — especially when brewed over ice.

“With summer in full swing, I’ve found myself leaning on two important things that help keep me at ease in the sweltering heat: being in nature and iced cold coffee. My favorite way to brew this time of year is a flash-chilled coffee, which I find to be the best way to enjoy the intricacies of coffee when cold. These picks are a mix of all-time favorites and coffees I’ve been enjoying on a morning stroll or when waking up after a quiet night in the tent."

kuma guji

"This one sits right between a light and medium roast in a delicious sweet spot. It's fruity, but still maintains some of the smooth comfort found in a medium roast."

Kuma Guji ($19)

onyx worka

"A recent favorite, this coffee tastes great in flash chilled or cold brew. Very clean and delightful."

Onyx Ethiopia Worka ($21.50)

Joe The Daily

"This is a fallback for me, reminiscent of the coffee shops in Manhattan. It's super-smooth and a great way to bring a taste of the city into nature."

Joe The Daily ($15.50)

Ritual Los Gigantes Colombia

"Great for a rainy day, this coffee has a smooth flavor that reminds me of a more traditional cup with complex edges."

Ritual Los Gigantes, Colombia ($17)

City of Saints

"An unlikely combo indeed, this is a coffee that is fun to drink and can throw you a few curve balls. I feel like each time I drink it I’m getting a new spin of flavor."

City of Saints Kosse Geshe Estate ($19.50)

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