Eco-Friendly Bags (and Boxes) That are Good from the Outside In

Eco-Friendly Bags (and Boxes) That are Good from the Outside In

Sustainability is more than just a word for our roasters.
by Team Trade | April 22, 2019

In honor of Earth Day, we’re shining a light on eco-friendly packaging that you can feel just as good about as the coffee inside.

Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging is just like regular paper and can be recycled as such!

  • If your kraft coffee box or bag has any stickers, remove them by peeling them off.
  • If your bag is made of kraft paper and it has a valve or a metal tie that seals it shut, be sure to remove them before you recycle.
  • Generally, the plastic valve and the metal tie need to be thrown away, as they have many non-recyclable components within them.

Your Best Brew Awaits

Biotrē™ Bags

A Biotrē bag is 60 percent biodegradable and is made from wood pulp. That portion of the bag is fully compostable, while the remaining 40 percent is a polyethylene liner with an additive that helps the liner break down fully over five to 10 years. While that may seem like a long time, it is much faster than conventional fossil fuel-based liners.

  • Much like kraft bags, you have to remove the degassing valve, the plastic ziplock liner, or the metal tie before you add your Biotrē bag to the compost, as those elements are not biodegradable.

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