The Fresh List: Honoring Women's History Month

The Fresh List: Honoring Women's History Month

Incredible coffee from incredible women.
by Team Trade | March 03, 2020

Within specialty coffee, we’re fortunate to celebrate female leaders 365 (or 366, in some cases) days a year. But Women’s History Month provides a well-needed reminder and a special chance to show support by recognizing coffees brought to us by women-led roasters. 

The include one from Denver’s own Huckleberry Roasters, which is headed up by rock star roaster Shelby Williamson, San Antonio’s Merit Coffee, with Jamie Isetts at the helm as the Director of Green Coffee, and New York’s own Joe Coffee, with Amaris Gutierrez-Ray (above right) leading the way as Director of Roasting.

Here, four incredible seasonal coffees that are brought to us by incredible women.

Greater Goods Life Saver coffee bag

Nutty-chocolaty sweetness and bold notes of blueberry make for an interesting, approachable cup.

Greater Goods Life Saver ($16)

Merit Lugmapata - Ecuador coffee bag

This cup features all the best things you find in a candy bar: chocolate, nuttiness, and plenty of sugar. A splash of sweet orange acidity rounds out this delightful coffee beautifully.

Merit Lugmapata - Ecuador ($25)

Huckleberry Papua New Guinea Aparila coffee bag

A long-lingering aftertaste of honey and berries make this bright, complex coffee about as clean and delicious a cup as we can recall having from Papua New Guinea.

Huckleberry Papua New Guinea Aparila ($22.95)

Joe Coffee La Familia Guarnizo coffee bag

The Guarnizo family takes great care to lovingly dry this beautifully sweet, tropical coffee to protect it from the unpredictable rains in the region.

Joe Coffee La Familia Guarnizo ($21.20)

Pictured Above: Roberta Duarte, Zee Suphisara Panmai, and Amaris Gutierrez-Ray; Joe Coffee Photo Credit: Kathryn M. Sheldon

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