Staff Picks: It's Only Natural

Staff Picks: It's Only Natural

There's a reason our team loves these coffees.
by Peter Lacerenza | August 18, 2020

When our Social Media Manager Peter first began at Trade, he was just getting started learning about coffee. Two years later, he’s a natural process aficionado and eager to share his latest favorites with you in this week’s Staff Picks.

"Natural processing is what really opened my eyes to the possibilities of specialty coffee, and is now largely what I seek out when trying new roasts. What I’ve come to enjoy most is the range of flavors: the funky, the fruity, and even the classic coffee notes that find perfect balance in every cup. Here are some of the natural process coffees I’ve been enjoying this summer, from special occasion coffees to crowd-pleasing, everyday sippers."

onyx costa rica

"Of all the natural process coffees I’ve had, those from Central America have always caught my attention. Onyx’s Costa Rica Las Lajas Natural is no different: nuanced, a little funky wine acidity, and a syrupy body make every brew a special occasion."

Onyx Costa Rica Las Lajas Natural ($29.45)

novo espresso novo

"A blend of washed and natural coffees, Novo’s signature espresso is a roast I could easily drink every day. With its medium body and notes of caramel and blueberry, this one is great as an espresso shot or pour over."

Novo Espresso Novo ($16)

madcap party

"One of my favorite coffees of the summer, Party definitely lives up to its name! I’ve been trying this coffee with a bunch of different methods. From moka pot (hot and over iced), to flash chilled and hot brewed, this coffee is a guaranteed good time."

Madcap Party ($20.50)

wonderstate Organic Ethiopia Idido Wegida Natural Process

"An eye opener! This organic Ethiopian from Wonderstate achieves a perfect balance of juicy fruit, citrus, and florals notes. Perfect for lovers of natural process, and a compelling cup for those not yet on board."

Wonderstate Organic Ethiopia Idido Wegida Natural Process ($20)

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