Staff Picks: The Cure for the Winter Blues

Staff Picks: The Cure for the Winter Blues

Brighter days ahead.
by Philip Wood | February 26, 2021

Up where I am in the Northeast we’ve had a ton more snow than usual this year, and while it’s brought certain joys — such as cross-country skiing for the first time at a local golf course and socially distant bonfires with a beautiful white backdrop — this is definitely the time of year I start dreaming of warmer and sunnier days. Here are a few coffees that make me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation, remind me that spring does come eventually (I promise!), and bring a bit of liquid sunshine to even the dreariest of mornings.

Stay Golden 1616

If notes of kiwi, berries, and florals to boot aren’t enough to brighten your day, this collaboration with Cxffeeblack also supports the amazing work they’re doing in Memphis seeking to honor the African and indigenous peoples who cultivated coffee culture then and now.

Stay Golden 1616 Collaboration // Genji Challa ($22)

Madcap Lake Effect

The folks at Madcap know a thing or two about cold weather and this coffee is sure to shake off the winter blues. It reminds me of sipping blackberry limeade on a friend’s stoop in the summer.

Madcap Lake Effect ($19)

Mother Tongue Coffee Mugshots

This coffee tastes like running through a field of flowers while eating your favorite chocolate bar. Bringing some chocolaty-sweet body to the table along with vibrant floral notes, it’s as close to a sip of springtime you can get.

Mother Tongue Mugshots ($19)

Greater Goods Brighter Minds

Balancing some syrupy cherry cola notes with bright and citrusy acidity, this one is perfect if you want your morning to taste like sipping something cold and refreshing by the pool.

Greater Goods Bright Minds ($18)

Maquina Colombia Gomez Decaf

If you’re looking to warm up without the buzz, look no further than this amazing decaf from Maquina. It’s got some cozy chocolaty notes at first, but finishes with a lingering bouquet of tropical fruit.

Maquina Colombia, Gomez Decaf ($21.80)

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