Staff Picks: Our Most Comforting Coffee

Staff Picks: Our Most Comforting Coffee

A taste of nostalgia.
by Amanda Abene | April 13, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

Today, we're finding comfort alongside Trade's own Amanda Abene. A coffee lover for over 15 years, she’s turning to roasts that spark nostalgia for her grandfather’s percolator as she brews from home.

"My grandfather and I would drink thick, stove percolator coffee filled to the brim with cream and sugar. I tend to drink my coffee black now, brewed via pour over or auto drip.

As I’ve been spending a lot of time at home (we all have), what I am currently looking for in my coffee picks is familiarity. These coffees are approachable and comforting with a few surprises to keep you." — Amanda Abene, Coffee Guide


Wow, oh wow. Talk about a balanced cup of coffee. This Colombian from Sparrows is what I like to call a “gateway coffee.” A great introduction to specialty coffee, offering a juicy cherry brightness and rounded out with a smooth and chocolatey finish. Brew it as a pour over or brew it in your auto drip; it’s going to blow your mind either way!

Sparrows Colombia Cauca ($14.75)


While I have a soft spot for smooth and approachable coffees, my barista roots are down to clown with a floral and delicate light roast. I personally love using light and light-medium roasts to make flash-chilled iced coffee via pour over, allowing the delicate and fruity flavors shine. This Guji from Kuma is no different. When brewed hot, it is softly sweet and gentle, with a tea-like body. Flash brew this baby, and you’re hit in the face with berry and lychee, rounded out with the lingering flavors of raw, unrefined sugar.

Kuma Guji ($22.40)

greater goods

A true “Life Saver.” This coffee from Greater Goods is the coffee for everyone. I have it ready for when my “coffee in my cream” relatives come to visit, as it can hold up to anything you throw at it. I’ve been know to brew this coffee in a French press and add a splash of half and half into the mug. It tastes like chocolate milk and almond biscotti-what’s more comforting than that?

Greater Goods Life Saver ($18.85)


This isn’t your grandma’s decaf. While decaf used to taste like chemicals or nothing at all, processes such as Swiss Water have reinvented decaffeination, resulting in coffees that taste as great as their caffeinated counter part. This decaf from Highwire is smooth, warm, and lucious — giving you that familiar coffee experience without the jitters.

Highwire After Hours ($19.75)

bird rock

If you have never had a naturally processed coffee, may I introduce you to this beautiful and funky coffee from El Salvador? This one reminds me of the first naturally processed coffee I tasted years ago — a jammy body, with a punch of preserved lemons and dark brown sugar. Each sip will leave you coming back for more.

Bird Rock Natural Pacamara ($25.90)

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