Staff Picks: Dad-Approved Coffee

Staff Picks: Dad-Approved Coffee

Something to fill his #1 Dad mug.
by Team Trade | June 11, 2020

More than corny (… we mean hilariously funny) jokes and windingly long anecdotes about childhood, we know this to be true: dads love coffee. If you grew up watching your father scoop out a daily batch of grounds, have a husband or partner who makes the morning coffee for the whole family, or frequent a family-run coffee shop, you know what we mean.

Gift-giving for dads, in particular, can times..impossible. I know I commonly struggle with my dad’s father’s day gift. Let's face it; it's hard to find the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation for someone who does so much. However, if your dad is a true coffee lover, some excellent coffee for his early mornings may just be the perfect gift idea.

This week, we're dedicating our Staff Picks to your coffee loving dad. Whether its single origin vs blend or arabica vs robusta, with Team Trade's personal recommendations for the ones in our lives you will be sure to find something for your special person, and our staff picks are also the perfect complement to our online coffee subscription.

"Christmas 2018, my mom got my dad a K-Cup machine. I personally don’t love those machines, but it was a thoughtful gift; my dad drinks a wild amount of coffee every day (he buys Dunkin’ beans several bags at a time), and he loves gadgets. Like 10 days later, I got laid off from the specialty coffee job I had spent nine years at. I called my dad on the phone the next day to tell him, and as our convo was coming to a close, he told me, 'By the way, I told your mom maybe we should return that machine (we do have a pretty well-established policy of returning gifts we’re not thrilled with). I realized that’s not really the way I want to be making coffee.' I was so moved I ended the conversation as quickly as possible so as to more comfortably break down in tears. Anyways, get your dad a coffee that you’re excited about. He’ll enjoy that you want to share that excitement with him and if it’s not his favorite he can go back to his old standby next week.


Blueprint Gamatui Community ($20.50)

— Maciej Kasperowicz, Director of Coffee

"My dad was actually the one who introduced me to coffee! He would have it every morning, and always give me a sip (just a sip) to try. I always remembered it tasting dark and bitter (well, to a kid), so obviously I didn’t like it. But nowadays, I kind of have a soft spot for medium-dark Latin American coffees as a result. You know, kind of like your 'everyday coffee' that you can have over breakfast. It just reminds me of those moments growing up."


Metric Colossus ($17)

— Kenneth Lin, Software Engineer

"My dad is a man of routine. This includes his coffee consumption. Powdered creamer first, then coffee, and stir. Three cups a day. Slow Sunday mornings mean he can spend some time brewing coffee on his electric percolator. This coffee is perfect for weekend sipping with dad."


Klatch ORG Amazon Blend ($14.75)

— Amanda Abene, Coffee Guide

"Last Father's Day, I bought my dad a subscription to a service that would record and print his stories — this was both a brilliant and ill-advised decision. The genius of it came in that my dad is an epic storyteller, sit him down and he could talk about his childhood for days. The mistake was in not realizing that I, as his editor, would be reviewing over 257 pages and rewrites over the next year. When looking back at his stories, I know the work I put in will dissolve into cherished memories in the end. But this year, rather than a second book, I'll reserve my purchase for an aptly named coffee (much like Groundwork, my dad has found inspiration for his chapters in song titles) with its own tale to tell."


Groundwork "Pangea" Come Together Coffee ($18)

— Randy Miller, Content Marketing Manager

"My father: intense, Italian, a little spicy. Even though he still prefers Chock full o'Nuts, I feel like he’d enjoy this coffee as an after-dinner demitasse (with a biscotti, of course)."


Atomic Intensi ($16.50)

— Peter Lacerenza, Social Media Manager

"We're new parents - our morning time is precious and at a premium. One way I show my husband how much I appreciate him is with a cold brew oat 'latte' every morning. This blend is as sweet and reliable as he is and as rich as I wish he were."


Blueprint Primary Series: Blue ($18)

— Louisa Stratigis, Coffee Operations Manager

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