Staff Picks: Mother's Day Coffees

Staff Picks: Mother's Day Coffees

Bursting with green apples, ripe raspberries, and florals.
by Kayla Baird | May 05, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

We're celebrating old traditions and creating new ones with floral, springy coffees in this week's Staff Picks from our QC Team's own Kayla Baird.

“For me, Mother’s Day really evokes the feeling of spring, with the renewal and connection it brings. Similarly, coffee has a unique way of bringing us together. While this year we are faced with unexpected challenges, there is a way you can share an appreciation for the season and mom, while staying distanced — these fresh spring coffees are perfect for doing just that as a gift to mom or even yourself."

augie's ethiopia

Delicate, fruit-forward coffees from Guji are some of my favorite cups, and this has to be one of the best. Anything but quiet, this beauty is bursting with ripe raspberries, lilac, and has a dense raw honey sweetness that ties it all together. To me, there is no clearer representation of spring, and this bright cup could make anyone a fan.

Augie’s Ethiopia Layo Teraga ($21.20)

Methodical Rwanda Ruvumbu coffee bag

Perfect for those that want to ease into the florals and ripe fruits of African coffees. A deep caramel sweetness is joined by the fresh fruit character of ripe plum and lime for a cup that is sophisticated, balanced, and seems to always have the best advice.

Methodical Rwanda Ruvumbu ($18.85)

equator el salvador los pirineos pacamara coffee bag

For those that need something as bold and fearless as they are, this syrupy and sweet cup is perfect. Classic flavors of nuts, chocolate and caramel are anything but boring. Instead, the lingering sweetness and heavy body can stand up to milk or be left alone, making this the perfect choice to share with a crowd over Zoom.

Equator El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara ($22.95)

Ritual Sweet Tooth Familia Moreno coffee bag

Ritual’s Sweet Tooth is always such a great representation of seasonality and coffee that has multiple functions. It’s complex with chocolate, caramel, and green apple — yet balanced. Whether the mom in your life is an espresso connoisseur that loves something bright and sweet, or a filter coffee drinker that wants something balanced and fruity, this season’s Honduras Familia Moreno is the great equalizer.

Ritual Sweet Tooth Familia Moreno ($22.40)

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