Trade Coffee Trails: The Midwest

Trade Coffee Trails: The Midwest

We're heading to the heartland for our latest coffee journey!
by Peter Lacerenza | August 19, 2020

You’ve heard of a wine trail, but have you ever ventured down a coffee trail? If not, we’re taking the creative liberty and putting them on the map, literally! Between our 50+ roasters across the country, there are so many ways that you can enjoy our coffee roasters' vast selection of coffees IRL.

The summer road trip looks a little different in 2020, but it is nonetheless an institution that can (and should) be celebrated in the time of social distancing.

In the past, we’ve been to the Northeast, Northern California, and Southern California, so it’s high time that we set our sights on the Midwest and all the great coffee it has to offer. As the region is home to a number of our roasters and the unique cities they call home, we're increasingly convinced of its mantra: Midwest is best.

Total Travel Time: 10 hours, 30 minutes (pit stops not included)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan’s second-largest city is the first stop on our Midwest tour. Historically known for furniture, Grand Rapids is making a new name for itself as a destination for beer (yum!) as of late. Home to two of our roasters, the city is also home to a blossoming specialty coffee scene.

sparrows (1)

Sparrows Coffee

1035 Wealthy Street SE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Envisioned as a place for local creatives to meet and collaborate, Sparrows has always put people first. Roasting came next, when in 2016 Sparrows introduced its very own specialty line to its welcoming café, which features curated work from community artists.


Madcap Coffee Company

98 Monroe Center NW

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Additional locations

Madcap tastes over 3,000 coffees a year in a quest to bring the world’s best home to their coffee shop in Michigan. Spending a third of their time traveling, this roaster takes its relationships seriously and has been working with many growers since its founding in 2008. Head to their flagship location in downtown Grand Rapids to see where it all began!

Chicago, Illinois

On the other side of Lake Michigan is our second stop, The Windy City. Home to a number of culinary traditions (deep dish pizza, anyone?), Chicago has a number of roasters who are rooted in tradition. Case in point: Metric Coffee.

Metric Coffee

2021 West Fulton Street

Chicago, Illinois 60612

Metric’s name derives from the unit of measurement found on a vintage German Probat that founders Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic restored from dilapidation. That reverence for tradition and self-made attitude are pillars of the locally beloved Chicago roaster.

Head to their West Fulton headquarters, which features Metric's roasting works and cafe, to enjoy some of its radiant coffees, espresso drinks, and treats from wholesale partners, Spilt Milk Pastry.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A quick drive from Chicago brings you to Milwaukee. Another treasured food city with a knack for all things German-American, Milwaukee invites you to come for the beer and brats, and to stay for the community spirit and quality coffee beans being served up by the barista at Anodyne Coffee.


Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co

224 West Bruce Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

Additional Locations

This small-batch roaster proves that you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment to create perfect coffee. They’re doing something right – Matthew McClutchy’s Anodyne has been serving Milwaukee since 1999 with community-building concerts, wood-fired pizza, and of course, the city’s best coffee. Head to their West Bruce Street location in the city’s Walker’s Point neighborhood to enjoy coffee (and, when the time calls, craft beer and wine).

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Veering from town to country, the last stop on our tour is the small city of Viroqua, home to none other than Wonderstate Coffee (formerly Kickapoo Coffee).


Wonderstate Coffee

302 South Main Street

Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665

Additional Locations

When Wonderstate Coffee says it’s farmer focused, it means it. The nation’s first solar-powered roastery is truly centered on growers, farmers, and its relationship to them. Through quality time at the source of its coffee, Wonderstate develops meaningful connections that you can taste in every cup.

Head to their former '40s gas station location on Viroqua's Main Street to taste see the magic at the heart of Wonderstate.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Due Northwest of Viroqua is Minneapolis, our last (but not least) stop. Part of the larger Twin Cities region, Minneapolis is home to a thriving music and arts scene, you might find yourself staying for more than just coffee or a few lattes.


Dogwood Coffee Co

1209 Tyler Street NE

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Additional Locations

In the nature of the Twin Cities, Dogwood is a dual roaster, with another location just north of the border in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its "Coffee for Others" mantra captures this roaster's guiding people-first principle as it spreads the enjoyment of coffee across Canada and the US. Reserve a spot at their Tyler Street café for a chance to sip in style.

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