Trade Coffee Trails: The Southeast

Trade Coffee Trails: The Southeast

Sipping some Southern comfort.
by Peter Lacerenza | January 22, 2021

Seeking great hospitality and even greater coffee? Our latest Trade Coffee Trail is serving up all things Southern on this grand, 13.5-hour tour.

Starting in the small town of Floyd, Virginia (home of Red Rooster Coffee), our guide takes us to and through some of the South’s most iconic cities, with Quills Coffee’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, as our final destination.

Total travel time: 14 hours, 30 minutes; 951 miles (pit stops not included)

Floyd, Virginia

Red Rooster

Red Rooster Coffee

823 East Main Street

Floyd, Virginia 24901

For those of us looking for a little peace and quiet, you might find it in Red Rooster’s small Southwestern Virginia town of Floyd (population 432). But don’t let appearances fool you! Floyd is a destination in its own right, offering a vibrant music scene, amazing food and wine, and access to the famed Blue Ridge Mountains. Stop by their roastery and cafe on East Main Street for a great cup of coffee, or, stay awhile.

Greenville, South Carolina

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee at The Commons

147 Welborn Street

Greenville, South Carolina 29601

Additional Locations

If you follow the Blue Ridge Mountains south, you’ll find yourself in Greenville, South Carolina: home of Methodical Coffee. With three Methodical locations in the city, you might be hard-pressed to choose just one — but their location in local food hall, The Commons, boasts a kitchen, training lab, and their roastery.

Birmingham, Alabama

Revelator Coffee

Revelator Coffee

1826 3rd Avenue North #101

Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Additional Locations

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper Southern coffee roadtrip without a visit to our friends at Revelator Coffee in Birmingham, Alabama (and if you’re elsewhere in the region, you can find them in Atlanta, Knoxville, and New Orleans, too). Since 2014, Revelator has been serving up amazing coffee, teas, snacks, and sandwiches from their first location in Birmingham’s historic Theater District — stop by to taste and sip the Southern hospitality!

Canton, Georgia


Alma Coffee

3448 Holly Springs Parkway

Canton, Georgia 20115

Founded by fourth- and fifth-generation coffee farmers, Alma Coffee was built on the pillars of improving lives, sustainable practices, and putting its soul, or Alma in Spanish. A taste of that heart (along with some truly amazing coffees) can be found at their roastery café in Canton, Georgia.

Nashville, Tennessee

Stay Golden

Stay Golden Coffee Co.

2934 Sidco Drive #130

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

We believe in Nashville, and Nashville believes in Good Citizen. The Golden Rule comes first at their Stay Golden café and restaurant in Music City, and word to the wise: bring a friend, so they can do unto you and bring you back. With an extensive drink menu and full kitchen, Stay Golden the place for a perfect brunch, lunch, or pick-me-up.

Louisville, Kentucky

Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee

802 East Main Street

Louisville, KY 40206

Additional Locations

Last, but certainly not least, we reach Louisville, Kentucky, home of Quills Coffee. If you’ve made it this far with us on the journey, you’re in for a treat. Since 2007, Quills has given the Louisville community great coffee with service and spaces to match, which includes their East Main Street location, a former firehouse. Here, you can sit back and enjoy this city’s finest cup of coffee (and maybe a coffee cocktail while you’re at it!).

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