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Louisville, KY


A social worker and barista, Nathan Quillo embraced both roles when meeting with students at local coffee houses. Combining his passion for specialty coffee education with his brother Gabe’s handyman skills, Quills opened in 2007. Now housed in a century-old Louisville firehouse, the digs are bigger but the mission remains.

Coffee Talk
Quills Says

How does Quills embrace its Louisville home?

Quills taps into the heartbeat of the city: music, arts, culture, food, and drink. Louisville has a strong attachment to the specialty beverage and coffee scene and we’ve been lucky enough to be a staple in that community through other businesses. From lending our cafe space to springboard small companies to collaborating with a local chocolatier and breweries, Quills is all about community!

What is it about specialty coffee that encourages obsession?

The first experience tasting a fine cup of coffee is like magic. That moment flips a switch that creates a fascination with discovering other coffee flavors, types, brew methods, and brands. When you start making coffee, you quickly notice your influence and feel very connected to the process. There’s always a drive to improve and better present your product – it’s almost impossible not to be obsessive about it every step of the way!

Why is specialty coffee special to you?

One customer and cup at a time, we are educating people on what coffee really is and can be. Crafting a fleeting product makes it feel like you’re creating something unique for each person experiencing it, every time. Few things beyond the food and beverage industry feel so connected to the experience!