City Guide: What to Do in Santa Barbara

City Guide: What to Do in Santa Barbara

Greetings from The American Riviera.
by Julia Mayer | March 24, 2021

Santa Barbara is our hometown, and when we opened Dune, it was with the goal to make SB a better place. My grandfather moved out from Chicago to attend Brooks School for Photography in the 1950s, which is located across the street from our roastery!

While Santa Barbara is definitely a tourist destination, (being an hour from Los Angeles), there is so much more to her than just tourist excursioning. Santa Barbara is a geographic diamond: the city itself is locked by mountains and the ocean, so everywhere you turn you can see one or the other. We have so much hiking, biking, surfing, skateboarding, and just ambling to offer you. We feel super-lucky to roast coffee here — I swear it makes our coffee taste just a bit more joyful and rad.

In the past 10 years, we have also seen a ton of small businesses open, and it has made us a thriving culinary spot! Many of us opened around the same time, and we have persevered through the challenges together, and are rooting for each other. What is nicer than eating food prepared by a customer and friend?

Our roastery is right across the street from one of California’s biggest and oldest farmers' markets: making it a destination in it’s own right. We grow the most delicious avocados here. I hope you will come enjoy some avocado toast and a tasty coffee, and cruise around SB with us!

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