Making Coffee Like Wine

Making Coffee Like Wine

ReAnimator's Divino Niño pushes the boundaries of coffee processing.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | May 17, 2023

Producer Mauricio Vindas Vargas, along with son Mauricio and the rest of his family, have put tremendous effort into making their Costa Rican farm a go-to source for unique, delicious coffees.

They're long-time partners of our friends at ReAnimator in Philly and the ReAnimator crew sums up the kind of producer Vargas is best:

"If you've been buying coffee from us for long enough, you know that one of our first ever direct relationships was with Mauricio Vindas Vargas in Costa Rica. From the first visit, we knew Mauricio and his family were doing something special, cultivating a farm with a wild diversity of plant life and its own micro-climate, nurturing a terroir perfect for growing coffee.

Over the years, Mauricio has been perfecting his approach to naturally processed coffees, and more recently, has taken things a step further with more experimental anaerobic and carbonic maceration processes. "

280F816F-9413-42F7-B48F-F76422E98524 1 105 c Pictured above: Producer Mauricio Vargas and son Mauricio Vargas Jr. in Costa Rica

Which leads us to the coffee we're so excited to share with you now… Divino Niño!

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This is Vargas' first time releasing a coffee processed via carbonic maceration, a technique from winemaking that involves fermenting the coffee in sealed tanks filled with carbon dioxide. This closed, CO2-rich environment breaks the cherry down differently than traditional fermentation in tanks, and it leads to unique flavors.

As a result, you'll taste tons of tropical fruit after you brew. Papaya, mango, even pomegranate, mixed with a delightful tart cherry flavor. There’s also a ton of sweetness, though, with a brown sugar thing that’s almost boozy, like aged rum in a cocktail with a swizzle stick in it.

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