Get to Know Panther Coffee

Get to Know Panther Coffee

Roasting out of Miami, Panther is basically sunshine in your cup.
by Team Trade | April 11, 2019

Miami has as much to do with Panther Coffee’s success as the coffee it brews. Founded by Joel and Leticia Pollock in 2010, the roaster made its home in the city’s Wynwood neighborhood where it became a gathering spot for the local artists and embraced Southern Florida’s global tastes.

How did Panther get started?

“We have been working in coffee in different capacities our whole adult lives, so it really was just a natural progression of our professional lives to do this together once we met.”

Why the name Panther?

“During our trips to South America, we noticed a lot of brands had animals in their logos and that was a constant topic of conversation. So we decided we’d have an animal in the logo too. After brainstorming we agreed on a panther. Joel's cousin Benji drew some logo options and we were excited to be called Panther Coffee.”

Tell us about the Miami coffee scene.

“The coffee scene in Miami is so unique and diverse! When Panther Coffee started in 2010 it was amazing to us how the coffee culture was completely different than anywhere else in the country. People here love coffee! So many people from Latin America and the Caribbean grew up drinking coffee from childhood, or have family or close friends that work in coffee. It’s such a special and personal connection."

What role has the community had in shaping Panther?

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“The community has played a tremendous role in our evolution as a company, team, and family. Miami is special in so many ways. The combination of different cultures colliding is really amazing. We are growing rapidly as a city also, so it’s a completely different landscape than what we arrived into. We picked up right away the collective preference here is for sweeter, approachable, and playful coffees. This works very well for us, because although we love every coffee that is sweet, clean, and delicious, this is a niche we really cherish and enjoy. These are the coffees we drink and love to share with our friends and family.”

What sustainability measures has Panther taken?

“We compost 100 percent of our spent cold brew coffee grounds, we up-cycle our burlap bags in social partnerships, and Panther straws, cups, and lids are compostable. Overall, we are as mindful as possible when it comes to being sustainable. We work with many farms that are still at a size where we feel we have a voice. We look for practices that are not at the expense of humans or the ecosystem where the coffee is produced. It is an ongoing process and we want to continue to improve.”

— Joel and Leticia Pollock, Co-Founders of Panther Coffee

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